Interesting source of old books

I’ve started getting some material together to read whilst my arm is out of action. I’ll be charging my Nook up and getting them on the sd card that it’s got. This is a great resource full of old books. It’s got a few good ones for beekeeping in – including: – click on… Continue reading Interesting source of old books

Resource – MAAREC Fact Sheets Basic Biology and Management of the Japanese Hornfaced Bee Pollination Contracts – 5.4 Moving Bees – 5.3 Pollination – 5.2 Bees and Bears – 4.10 Bee Diseases and their Control – 4.9 IPM for Beekeepers – 4.8 Varroa Mites – 4.7 Small Hive Beetle – 4.6 Wax Moth – 4.5 Stinging Insect Control –… Continue reading Resource – MAAREC Fact Sheets

March papers now online

The BBKA have updated the past module papers to include the March 2016 papers. I’ve downloaded them all and had a look through the one I sat.  I then had a look over modules one and two. I’ve downloaded them all for my revision for the next modules too.