Enough said I think. Didn’t enjoy it, partly due to arm hurting (op next week though!) and partly cos I don’t think I did very well. Three lots of genetics questions seemed a bit harsh – two 15 marks and then a big one. Definitions – I did some but some I tied myself in… Continue reading Exam

Module 7 next

Well I’ve now started module 7 revision. I’d passed module 6 with a distinction. Can’t remember if I posted on here about it and can’t see anything recent, so thought I’d mention it in passing. I’ve gone through module 7 before, so it’s quite familiar. I hope it’s a good omen that I can remember… Continue reading Module 7 next

General husbandry training

I’ve paid for some general husbandry training for 2017. It’s two days of theory and a day in the apiary. It’ll be really fun I’m sure! The syllabus is here and it’s all fairly straight forward. http://www.bbka.org.uk/files/library/genhusbcert2015_1448034604.pdf They want you have to have been keeping bees for fives years before taking it. I started beekeeping… Continue reading General husbandry training