Navigation direction and distance (not dances) uses phrase visual odometer. – the bee sees how far it’s travelled by how much it’s seen “Our findings lend further support to the notion that the primary cue used by honeybees to gauge distance travelled is optic flow integrated over time” Odometry is scene dependent The honeybee odometer does not run at a… Continue reading Navigation direction and distance (not dances)

Uses of propolis

The varnishing of cells? Where does this get a mention? It’s in the study notes.. They asked lots of people too. ok in Ribbands, Chapter 27, Huber (1814) observed that new combs become more yellow, more pliable stronger and heavier and sometimes there were reddish threads on the inner walls. Chemical tests showed… Continue reading Uses of propolis


Assuming I’ve passed module 5 (Bee Biology) then I’m going to be looking for references for module 6 and 7. This is a nice easy to understand video of The Waggle Dance of the Honeybee This is Von Frisch’s lecture This is an article called Dancing with bees Click to access W006_Culture-Society_074-080.pdf With his lederhosen and… Continue reading Next!