Exam results

I’ve passed module 3 with a credit. 75% Yay! So I’m thinking again about what module I’ll do for November. Once again the idea of 5 and 6 has cropped up. Far too early to think about it though. And far too much real life bee stuff going on. Collecting swarms; almost collecting swarms and… Continue reading Exam results


Varroa viruses Wing viruses – cloudy and deformed paralysis viruses – chronic, acute, slow,   CBPV1 – Can’t fly, crawl or cluster in hive, bloated abdomens, dislocated wings. Dysentery death. CBPV1. Black robbers – bees ap[pear smaller because hairless and greasy looking. Lose ability to fly, tremble. Other bees agressive towards them – as if… Continue reading Viruses

Varroa resistance

Click to access vol56-2003-175-181thompson.pdf   You will often find Supercedure cells in colonies with high mite infestations. You will also see supercedure cells with other disease like EFB. Parasitic Mite Syndrome (PMS)