Happy New Year


Happy new year! Let’s hope it’s a great year for beekeepers everywhere.

I’m recovering from my elbow operation, although the scar is a bit sensitive still. I’m hoping to be fully fit for the start of the season, but am not yet convinced the op has worked. Someone who had an operation on his arm told me if was 11 weeks after the operation before he felt it had been worthwhile, so I am yet hopeful that it’ll all be fine and sorted.

In the new couple of weeks we’ll be getting the results from the November exam. I am concerned about this one. Whilst I revised, I wasn’t as thorough as with other exams and felt on the day I didn’t do very well. I was allowed extra time to write, but fear that the extra time was needed on revising. Normally I’d have written out every exam question answer in full, but I didn’t do any. Mostly because writing was too painful. I’ve not done very much writing yet, but will have to do soon.

If I’ve failed then I’ll just have to resit module 7. </ gloom and doom>

Scotland got their results a few weeks ago. By phone, as they always do. It’s probably because there’s not very many of them doing exams that it’s possible. Instead in England we have to wait for the letter to arrive.

On a more cheerful note, I’m being sent a couple of copies of a children’s Bee book. I will be reviewing it here and passing the books on to the small people I know!
It’s called The Honey Bees Reward!
I can’t wait to read it!

On another cheerful note, I’ve been proposed as a trustee for BBKA so will be at the ADM this month to see if I get voted in! This will be very interesting!

Our bee group’s chat night is coming up – a week today, and we will be looking at our flow hive we’ve been given from the Flow hive company! We’re quite excited about it!

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