DIY where are the bees foraging?

Someone’s posted a video of his bees waggle dancing and has worked out where they are going.

He said:

Whilst inspection one of my hives at the weekend, I recorded a video of two bees doing a Waggle Dance on a frame – I thought I’d try some quick amateur science, with the help of on-line tools. Using the video timestamp, an online calculator of sun position for said time (overlayed on google maps), video still to estimate angle, video editing software guestimate of waggle time (1 second = ~750 metres according to Sussex University) and a map distance measure…. the dance could indicate a source at a set of houses with gardens some 650 Metres WSW of the hive. I went to have a look at the location and sure enough there’s 4 large houses with gardens and a large hedge full of flowers. Can’t prove it’s correct of course as there’s a bit of guess work involved or without actually marking the bees and seeing if they are visiting….Here’s a video of the calculation.
This is a cut and paste of it – to view it you need to click here and it’s on the BBKA facebook page. THis links takes you directly to the post, but you need a FB account.

I used an application called SunCalc – which works with Google maps to show position of sun at any time of day for the given location. Only other tool was Microsoft Movie Maker as a free (basic) video editing application and google maps (satellite) again to measure distance

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