Navigation direction and distance (not dances)
uses phrase visual odometer.

– the bee sees how far it’s travelled by how much it’s seen

“Our findings lend further support to the notion that the primary cue used by honeybees to gauge distance travelled is optic flow integrated over time”

Odometry is scene dependent

The honeybee odometer does not run at a constant rate: rather, the rate depends upon the properties of the terrain (Barron et al., 2005; Esch et al., 2001; Tautz et al., 2004). The odometer runs faster in an environment that presents a high contrast and rich texture and runs slower in terrain with low contrast and poor texture. Consequently, equally long flights in forests and over open water will generate different distance estimates. Our findings suggest that every detour over or around objects in a terrain rich in visual texture will contribute to a longer distance estimate.

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