General husbandry – what you need

The Candidate will ensure the following equipment is ready prior to the Assessment, for inspection by the Assessor, and ready for immediate use:
Three Honey Production Colonies of honeybees.
One Nucleus Colony of honeybees.

Sufficient spare equipment:

for preparing colonies for moving elsewhere; Travel screens, straps, entrance closers
for feeding the colonies; Feeders, sugar syrup(?)
for queen introduction; for queen marking and clipping; Scissors, pens, queen cage
for swarm collection. Skep, cloth, tape,
for undertaking the Bailey Comb change system. New brood box, new foundation
Honey and wax processing and packing equipment. Kitchen set up as per extracting, bottling.
A minimum of 3 jars of liquid and 3 jars of set honey, labelled as for sale  
Blocks of wax suitable for retail sale  
Personal protective equipment. Bee suit, gloves, wellies, washing soda.
to produce an artificial swarm; New brood box, new foundation, floor, roof, stand

The Candidate shall have in hand at the time of the assessment, a queen rearing procedure underway to demonstrate the Candidate’s ability to rear queens suitable for the needs of the apiary

For a small number of hives in an apiary it might me making up nucs is sufficient for rearing new queens – or artificial swarm techniques like the pagden or snelgrove.

For more queens then other kit will be needed. I am planning to have a go at grafting this year and using mini nucs.

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