Resource – MAAREC Fact Sheets Basic Biology and Management of the Japanese Hornfaced Bee Pollination Contracts – 5.4 Moving Bees – 5.3 Pollination – 5.2 Bees and Bears – 4.10 Bee Diseases and their Control – 4.9 IPM for Beekeepers – 4.8 Varroa Mites – 4.7 Small Hive Beetle – 4.6 Wax Moth – 4.5 Stinging Insect Control –… Continue reading Resource – MAAREC Fact Sheets

Uses of propolis

The varnishing of cells? Where does this get a mention? It’s in the study notes.. They asked lots of people too. ok in Ribbands, Chapter 27, Huber (1814) observed that new combs become more yellow, more pliable stronger and heavier and sometimes there were reddish threads on the inner walls. Chemical tests showed… Continue reading Uses of propolis

Landi Simone – Reading the Frames Landi Simone – Reading the Frames I found this interesting. She says many things that I say to new beekeepers – listen to and watch your bees. They’ll tell you when they’re not happy! The frame pictures are excellent and well worth a look at from a healthy honey bee perspective. It’s quite long… Continue reading Landi Simone – Reading the Frames

General husbandry – what you need

The Candidate will ensure the following equipment is ready prior to the Assessment, for inspection by the Assessor, and ready for immediate use: Three Honey Production Colonies of honeybees. One Nucleus Colony of honeybees. Sufficient spare equipment: for preparing colonies for moving elsewhere; Travel screens, straps, entrance closers for feeding the colonies; Feeders, sugar syrup(?)… Continue reading General husbandry – what you need


I’ve read The Behaviour & Social Life of Honeybees (1953) R Ribbands over the last couple of weeks. I’m not going to read Winston, well a couple of chapters. And then I will start revising properly. The young beekeeper who came to our group this year to learn about bees is applying to see if… Continue reading Revision