Bees on Mastermind

Well a beekeeper…

You’ll be able to watch it on the iplayer for a while

1. Cells of honey comb are made in which geometric shape

2. What’s the name of the pollen carrying thing on honey bees legs that means little basket

3. What astrological term is used to describe the pattern in which male bees fly wheen chasing the queen

4. What has fire box and bellows

5. Intermediate dance phase between round dance and waggle dance

6. What species does honey bee belong that includes mellifera

7. What do you use baldock or crown of thorns for?

8. Hedera helix? Late nectar source

9. What protein consists of 26 amino acids, main part of venom

10. Ascophaera apis causes?

11. Mite in UK that includes destructor

12. Apis m. linguista comes from?

13. Who identified bee space in 1850s?

14 Apis m m protected on Oransay and which neighbouring island?

15. The stick stuff – bee glue or bee gum – ?

16. Gland that produces pheremone nerol and geraniol
Didn’t know:

14. Colonsay  – no idea, had to look this up!
5. sickle dance – not looked at module 6 which is behaviour
9. Melittin  – have heard of it but couldn’t remember it’s name.

9 thoughts on “Bees on Mastermind

  1. Hi Di, it’s Gill off Mastermind here. Looks like you missed the same answers as me, although I fluffed the chalkbrood one – sacbrood was out of my mouth too quickly. Made up for failing my module 5 exam earlier in the year, though. 🙂


    1. It was really good to see bees on Mastermind, so well done you! I’ve not watched any of the rest of it yet though!
      I’m taking module 5 in November – that’s my plan anyway! You’ve been talked about all over the internet so far though! The bee forum and FB groups!

      The Mod 5 group is here
      Would be lovely to have another brain to pick on there when I start revising properly!


      1. Thanks

        Afraid I don’t do FB, daren’t let anything else eat away my available time. I was miffed about Mod 5 – haven’t done any others, but was told it is the hardest. It is certainly v interesting, and we formed a study group, and did a correspondence course. We worked really hard, so I was pee’d off to fail – my fellow keeper scraped a pass. If you look at the results in the BBKA mag, the pass rate for Mod 5 was almost half for most of the other mods.

        But don’t let me discourage. Am happy to have my brain picked but remember I didn’t pass! 🙂


      2. Are you taking it again?
        I’m hoping the FB group will be good for this one as I suspect there’s lots more discussion needed. I haven’t done much yet but can see making 30 marks for some of the questions is really difficult even with several reference books for every scrap of info.


    1. I don’t think I will take it again, sticking to easier things, like Mastermind. But never say never. I asked for feedback on my exam (£30) and it seems it was a lack of sufficient detail which did for me. Where do you do your beekeeping? I am in Airedale, West Yorkshire, and manage the website: There may be links of the site you find useful, have a look.


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