Influence of Different Statuses of Honey Bee Queens, Apis mellifera L. on the Ultrastructure of the Flagella on (3-Day Old) Workers Click to access TOENTOJ-8-22.pdf   Abstract: The effect of different statuses of honeybee queens, Apis mellifera (one-year-old mated queen; supersedure queen; three-day old virgin queen; queen cell; without queen; and without queen/without bee bread)… Continue reading Antenna

Honey bee digestion

Click to access 311-316.pdf The food metabolism activity in between some honey bee races were tested through determination the acid phosphatase concentration, total proteins, and the protein differentiation in the haemolymph, preitrophic membrane and whole midgut tissues of honey bee workers of Egyptian race (Apis mellifera lamarckii), Carniolian race( A. m. carnica) and Italian race(… Continue reading Honey bee digestion