March papers now online

The BBKA have updated the past module papers to include the March 2016 papers. I’ve downloaded them all and had a look through the one I sat.  I then had a look over modules one and two. I’ve downloaded them all for my revision for the next modules too.  


oenocytes   Abstract Oenocytes are insect cells responsible for lipid processing and detoxification. Of ectodermic origin, they are found in close association with the insect epidermis, or fat body cells, or both depending on the insect species and developmental stage Snodgrass    


I’ve not quite started revising. Honest. Ok, I’ve started some reading. A Closer Look: Endocrine Glands & Hormones has an interesting diagram.F igure 1. Diagram showing a slice through the head, seen from behind. In the small space behind the brain and in front of the connection to the neck are the main neurosecretory glands: corpora… Continue reading Shhh!

Exam results

I’ve passed module 3 with a credit. 75% Yay! So I’m thinking again about what module I’ll do for November. Once again the idea of 5 and 6 has cropped up. Far too early to think about it though. And far too much real life bee stuff going on. Collecting swarms; almost collecting swarms and… Continue reading Exam results