Module 3

I have to say faced with a question “Name 6 winged pests past and future” .. I found myself a bit stuck. I’m afraid I could think of small hive beetle and then woodpecker and then my brain froze. I could however remember lots of details about poisoning vs CBPV so I opted for that question. Whether sitting there for a few minutes would have helped, but I racked my brains through a couple of the first answers and still couldn’t come up with any more.
Of course they could be:

  • Small hive beetle
  • Asian hornet
  • Woodpecker
  • Greater Wax moth
  • Lesser Wax moth
  • Wasp

I did enjoy the paper – lots of questions in the second part that gave breakdown of points – something I find better than a one sentence question with no idea of how many diseases they might want. EG: Some bee diseases leave scales in cells, what are they?

  • AFB
  • EFB
  • Sacbrood
  • ? Anything else?

I was taking the exam along with two people doing module 1. This was nice because once we’d all finished and the exam papers were all sealed away in their envelope to be sent off, we all chatted about the exams we’d done.

And the other question is what next? A summer of good beekeeping I hope. More modules in November? Am sort of tempted to do 5 and 6 together as I’ve been told they’re a good match.

I have been working on a hive inspection sheet which I will be sharing shortly. πŸ™‚

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