What documentation is required for importing bees from outside the EU

Only three countries: Argentina, Australia and New Zealand.

There must be an original health certificate modeled on ‘model QUE’ (honey bees) as laid out in Commission regulation (EU) 206/2010

  • must be issued no more than 24 hours prior to dispatch
  • by relevant authority in country of origin
  • valid for 10 days
  • health cert conditions are listed in Annex B of (EU) 206/2010

Local animal health office of border inspection post

Importers need CVED – common veterinary entry document (Annex 1 of Commission regulation (EU) 282/2004 with Part one done manually or via TRACES.


At the Border Inspection Post (Manchester, Heathrow or Gatwick) the original health certificate is retained and part 2 of CVED completed by official veterinarian to confirm all checks have been carried out. Copy of CVED goes to destination.

Must keep bees at destination for at least 30 days.
Queens transferred to new cages before introduction and cage, packing and attendents sent to NBU for testing.

Also need an importer notifier form sent to NBU (email, fax,post, via beebase)
(EU bees, 24 hours in advance,)
Outside EU at least one working day notice to NBU


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