Great videos

By chance I happened upon these videos today
Rendering wax from supers with a steamer

boiling frames in a burco boiler with washing soda.

The videos are by David Bonner of Dunsmore Apiary –
Who is a master beekeeper.

My copy of BBKA news had just arrived and I’d flicked through to see what was in it. The guest editorial talks about the General Husbandry and whether something inbetween the Basic and the General could be introduced. They’re also changing the criteria for doing the General to 5 years beeekeeping as it has been felt some people are attempting it too soon.
This at least makes sense of one of the documents I was looking at this year which said both 3 and 5 years as requirements.

Anyway in the BBKA February edition is the list of people who’ve taken the General, Advanced and Microscopy certificates. And a list of those who have become Master Beekeepers. David Bonner is in that list! So there you go, I think that proves I just spend too much time watching and reading about bees!

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