Varroa Powerpoint

IPM Mite Control Thresholds This is really interesting. There’s a great slide that shows the difference in population growth between drones and workers. (number 9) A New Zealand Document. Worth reading as they’re on the list for importing queens in to the UK (And bees) Click to access control-of-varroa-guide.pdf This gives lots of interesting… Continue reading Varroa Powerpoint

What causes poor brood pattern?

AFB EFB Sacbrood? Chalkbrood DLQ Laying workers Tropilaelaps varroosis Much reading and note taking later – Updated 1st February Old defective comb AFB (scale can not be removed so will not be laid in again) Varroosis Genetics (inbred queen will homologous alleles lead to diploid drones which workers remove very quickly) Poorly mated queen Drone… Continue reading What causes poor brood pattern?

The frakno frame

After reading about the benefits of thymol varroa treatments appearing to be beneficial in the reduction of nosema and acarine infections – then I wondered if you could use just thymol. Someone else has already asked that question of course – bee forum But this is where the Frakno Frame gets a mention. It was… Continue reading The frakno frame

Open mesh floors

I was reading a forum where someone asked when OMF came into use and what research had been done. A little search brings me: A recent paper in the Journal of Apicultural Research is reassuring.  The paper, by well respected researchers Harbo and Harris at the USDA/ARS Honey Bee Breeding, Genetics and Physiology Laboratory,… Continue reading Open mesh floors