Hive records

Have been thinking about hive records and what to do for 2016. I’d like to be much more effective at taking and keeping records.

I’ve thought in the past that I’d like to record all my hive inspections but this means ensuring the camera is charged and the tripod is yet another item to take out to the apiary.

This system from Sheffield looks a bit complicated – but might be useful to some.

This Mid-Bucks one is nice and simple

Click to access mbbka-hive-card-2010-v2.pdf

I’m thinking of making something similar to this little card with the questions on and laminating them for our bee learners. It’ll help them focus on what to inspect for.
I had thought of adding something like ‘Know why you are inspecting’ to the start of it. If it’s small enough to fit easily into the hive tool box then they should always have it with them as a quick reminder what they should be looking for.

This one is lovely.
Makes you look at every frame in the brood box (12? Hmm, I’d edit that to 11) and will get you in the swing of thinking about the brood nest.
Print it in colour too as it looks much nicer than in grey!

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