Feeding bees neat sugar

No arguing over how to make syrup to feed the bees – just give them some sugar.
This blog shows what they do in St. John’s, Newfoundland,


I have read about people dunking a whole bag of sugar (a 1kg bag) and then putting that on top of the frames, splitting it open. The dunking gives just enough water to dampen the sugar and not dissolve it.

2 thoughts on “Feeding bees neat sugar

  1. I tried this in some hives last year but the bees didn’t go for it, just ignored it and the sugar was wasted. It went all hard. Will be sticking to syrup or fondant as they always take that.


  2. That is one of the things to think about if you wanted to trickle oxalic around Christmas and you’ve covered them in sugar then that’s going to make things harder to do. Potentially sugar everywhere. But I am not sure his bees needed feeding. He’d left a huge amount of space for them saying they were a huge colony – but they all are huge at the end of summer, but only the winter bees survive. They probably had enough honey in all those boxes and too much space.
    I did read ‘winter feeding takes place in autumn’. That’s not to say you shouldn’t feed colonies if they need it.

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