3 thoughts on “Sell honey by the frame

  1. I’ve seen a label that says “contains wires” so I assume it’s optional. I think it’d be nicer without.
    Ignore not being able to recycle the frame – if you sold it for £49 then that’s a frame and wax – tops £2? the effort of putting it together (a couple of minutes) and the three pound of honey on it.
    The main issue would be needing the bees to draw the wax as well as fill it – they wouldn’t have done many with the weather like it was this year.
    And it’d have to be shiny new frames so they were clean.
    The boxes might be nice for taking a frame of honey out with you if you did a talk. Selling one would be a huge bonus! I don’t think selling a lot of them would be fair on the bees – all that wax work they do gone.


    1. That’s what I was thinking really – the effort required for the bees to draw out the wax again. Someone came to our apiary this weekend looking for honey in the comb, so there is definitely a market for it. I’d like to try it.


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