Well, two exams down

I took module 1 and 2 today.
I hope I pass both.
I think I did better on number 1 than 2.

Anyway. Which to do next – assuming I have passed them both? Is that a big ask? I don’t know what to think if I’ve not passed. I wrote everything I knew – maybe the last question I did was a bit waffly but it had lots of good points in. Eek.

Module 1 – Honey bee Management

Module 2 – Honey bee Products and Forage

Module 3 – Honey bee Pests, Diseases and Poisoning

Module 5 – Honey bee Biology

Module 6 – Honey bee Behaviour

Module 7 – Selection & Breeding of Honey bees

Module 8 – Honey bee Management, Health and History

You have to do number 8 last. But other than that any order. Someone says 7 goes well with 5 and 6.
Which would leave 3 as an odd one out> It’s disease, which is important.

Will have a think.

I think 3 modules in one day might be a bit much. I was just about ready to call it a day after 2, but I had some energy left, how much brain was left was another matter. 🙂

Just found a lovely blog!

4 thoughts on “Well, two exams down

  1. Thanks – my arm only ached briefly from all that writing but I had been practising like mad for weeks.
    I don’t know which to do next though. Someone said 5,6 and 7 all tie in nicely. But three, seriously? It sort of makes sense having skim read through the notes of 6 and 7 yesterday.
    I should probably wait and see what results I get before I decide whether to do two at once again! 🙂


    1. I have heard of people taking three in one day and passing them all, but unless you have professional or personal reasons to want to pass them all as quickly as possible I can’t understand the appeal!


      1. I took two this time because I felt I should ‘catch up’ with not having done any a couple of times already. I’d put off doing some because of stuff happening on our allotment which had really distracted me, but felt it was time I did something for me.
        The exams apparently used to be three hours each would be a huge undertaking to do two in a day.
        You can do up to four in one session but I think that’d be a bit much! 🙂

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