It’s the name of the game!
There’s a lovely picture of an apple flower on this blog post – of someone else revising last year for the module 2.

I’ve been revising pollination at night and then have come up to my computer to write out the questions and answer them!

I need to get my head around which the stamen is – it’s the Filament that carries the anther and it’s the bit that is where the pollen is.

The style and stigma is the bit in the middle that is the female bit leading to the ovary containing ovules.

I think I need to do a drawing myself!

2 thoughts on “Pollination

  1. Thanks for linking to my blog! And good luck with the exam. I tried to use little tricks to remember which were the male and female parts – like ‘Sta-men’ sounds male and ‘Stig-ma’, well ma is like a mother and as for ‘Style’ obviously the female is more stylish!


  2. Thanks! That’s a good way of looking at it! I will remember now! I got them all mixed up the first time I looked at them. I took O level biology and would love a copy of that textbook we used for that!


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