Types of queen excluder

Types of queen excluder and advantages/disadvantages of each (9 marks)

When can they be used?

Advantages Disadvantages
Plastic flat Clean with washing soda Need large tray to soak it in
Bends very easily, can ping bees.
Easier to squash bees as flat to hive top
Metal perforated flat Scorch with blowlamp. Can be done quickly Can also bend if heavily propolised down
metal bar framed/unframed Scorch with blowlamp. Can be done quickly.
Good bee space, less squashing of bees
Less likely to bend
If used with top bee space bees may build comb if frame makes > bee space

When can a queen excluder be used (6 marks)

  • under a swarm to stop them absconding as queen can not leave
  • to stop queen laying in supers
  • control location of queen
  • can be used to hold newspaper down during merge
  • Place between two brood boxes to narrow down space queen will be in to find in large hive
  • to prevent queen going up into feeder when feeding hive
  • Under hive to stop queen leaving if swarming imminent (not ideal method at all though)

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