Hives frames and ratios

Hive type Brood Frames Ratio Lugs Cells
WBC 10 1 Long 45000
National 11 1.1 Long 55000
Smith 11 1.1 Short 55000
Nat 14×12 11 1.7? Long 80300
Commercial 11 1.5 short 70625
Langstroth 10 1.3 Short 61000
Dadant 11 1.8 Short 85000
Nat+ super 22 1.7 Long 80000
Nat double 22 2.2 Long 110000

With this in mind it is interesting to read that UK native bees are happy with 45000 brood cells available and Italian, Carnica and Buckfasts all like 60000 brood cells available.

This does indicate that the UK native bees will be happy in a WBC or National but others may require hive types with bigger brood spaces, or to be kept on a brood and a half.

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